Co-creating Peace

Co-creating Peace Episode #55 – "The Unicorn in You – A Path to Peace & Joy”

January 31, 2022 Kathleen Oweegon
Co-creating Peace
Co-creating Peace Episode #55 – "The Unicorn in You – A Path to Peace & Joy”
Show Notes

Welcome to "The Unicorn in You”, Episode #55 of Co-creating Peace, a series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  

Today, I am joined by Joshua Kramer.  Josh’s upcoming book, "The Unicorn in You", takes an un-self-help approach to finding a path to peace and joy.  By identifying fundamental principles and the standards that guide them, he uses classic stories and timeless quotes to outline practical and actionable steps to reconnect with these universal qualities.  In The Unicorn in You, Josh reveals the everyday structures for stepping out of your head and becoming grounded in your foundation for being. Josh & I discuss how these can help each of us to co-create peaceful relationships.

Now available for Pre Order on, "The Unicorn in You" will be released on Tuesday, February 22nd.  Once released, it will also be available at Barnes & Noble, and on  In the meantime, feel free to visit to learn more about Josh and to connect with him directly. 

Josh Kramer is the creator of The Unicorn in You, a personal growth and development perspective that emphasizes five key principles as the foundation for peace and joy.  He is the Managing Partner of Kramer Chandler, a Founding Partner of Real Connex, and an active member of YPO. 

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