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Co-creating Peace Episode #125 – “Co-creating Peace in Circles”

September 24, 2023 Kathleen Oweegon
Co-creating Peace
Co-creating Peace Episode #125 – “Co-creating Peace in Circles”
Show Notes

Imagine a world where a simple circle can create a profound sense of belonging, shift confrontational conversations to collaborative explorations, and emphasize connection and inclusion. That world exists today in Peace Circles. Because of the work of Black Women for Positive Change, and other groups such as the Listen First Coalition, Braver Angels and Living Room Conversations, dialogue circles are happening across our nation and around the world. 

Enjoy “Co-creating Peace in Circles”, Episode #125 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  

Today, I’m visiting with Renata Valree and Kim Best from Black Women for Positive Change to talk about Peace Circles – an initiative focused on youth to give them opportunities to come together in a safe environment to share their experiences and feelings about this troubled world they’ve inherited.

 Highlights you won‘t want to miss include:

  • Confidentiality and non-judgmentalism promote safety when we speak about what’s important to us 
  • More than ever, today’s Youth need empowerment 
  • A primary responsibility of every adult is to teach children how to be by modeling that for them

Renata Valree is an Assoc. Professor at CA State University Dominguez Hills where she teaches in the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace-building graduate studies program. Renata has a Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. She serves as E.D. of the Peace in Education Community Mediation Center, is a member of the leadership team for the Assoc. for Conflict Resolution, and is the former Dir. of the Office of the LA City Attorney's Dispute Resolution Program. 

Kimberly Best, RN, MA, is a Civil Mediator, Family Mediator & owner of Best Conflict Solutions, LLC, specializing in mediation and conflict resolution. She is President/Chair of the TN Assoc. of Professional Mediators and a volunteer Senior Mediator with the LA City Attorney’s office Community Police Unification Program. Kim is also a facilitator, restorative practices practitioner, trainer in dispute resolution processes, and a member of Mediators Beyond Borders, Int. Kim is committed to advancing dispute resolution practices for improving communication and finding optimal solutions for all parties.

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